Saturday, September 29, 2018

Otktober and Dreadtober main project!

Welcome to the best month of the year!  It is that time again when I pledge to build and paint a dreadnought sized model throughout this month.  This year Games Workshop has also deemed it Orktober! So this year I am going to do my Ork Warboss conversion!

Last year I got a hellbrute model that I wanted to try to convert to a warboss. I spent the last year thinking on ways to do thisand afre gathering some supplies I think I am finally ready for the conversion.

First is taking sanding off as much chaos as I can from the model. get rid of the tentacles and horns.

Then I want to  make this move of an ork model I will remove the arms and replace them with something a little more orky.  The claw from Puppetswar will do as well as the buzzsaw from the warcraft harvester minature.

I am not a fan of the organtic legs so I want to replace them with the legs from a deff dread.

I have a head from a warmachine troll that looks appropriately sized.

For the gun I am wavering between using som extra heavy bolter sticking out from the chest plaits like on a centurion or using the autocannon turrt from a duncrawler mounted pertched on a shoulder with possible a grot manning it if I can pull it off. I think it could look awesome!

This is a lofty project for me to pull off. I have a feeling this will not turn out well but I have to try. Wish me luck! Any pointers or suggestions are welcome.

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas!!!!!!