Thursday, September 20, 2018

Showcase: Primaris Reiver

As I said in my last post I was finishing up on a Space Marine Primaris Reiver.  I said I would have a post later this week with a showcase for him.  It is later in the week and here he is.

He follows the standard paint scheme for my marines.  I didn’t have any tricks or new techniques to show off.  I think I did a decent job on his eyes which is one spot I have trouble with.  I did a little edge highlighting and added in the Agrellan Earth technical paint to finish him off.  A bit of static grass and he is done.

This bring my count of Reivers up to seven.  I have two more waiting for me to finish.  I need to find one more so I can have a complete squad.  If push comes to shove I can try to convert one from a regular Primaris or pick up one last 3 man box.  I will worry about that after I finish the other two.
Next up is my Armiger.  I am working on his base right now and I hope to be finished with him this weekend. After that, I have a few items to choose from. 
Have a good one.

Questions? Comments? Cawl’s will be done!