Friday, October 30, 2015

A look back... How Well did I do on My 2015 Resolutions

While it is not even december yet I thought I would go over my 2015 hobby resolutions. With the year winding down, I think it is not to early to see how much I have done and what I completely forgot.

For a quick refresher here is my list.

1. Finish my Tau Adepticon army
2. Finish painting my shadowsword
3. Finish the stompa
4. Build some mek gunz
5. Paint some tyranids. Tyrant, gaunts, and gargoyles singled out.
6. Make a mold.

Whew! I am not sure how well I did....

Finish Tau Army.

I left this project early on to do the Skitarii army.  I still had several firewarriors to do and with the new Tau terrain I am abandoning the firestorm completely.  I am going to try to pick up a gunrig for my pathfinders to hich a ride on.

Finish Painting My Shadowsword.

This one I completed.  I was very happy with it and that I got to use it.  To bad it got blown to pieces by some hammer handed Grey Knight Terminators.  *Shakes Fist*

Finish the stompa

My poor stompa.  He hasn't seen much use or love in a while. I need to finish up some touches and figure out how I want to base him.  (how to add a footprint is kind of giving me fits.)  If I ever get the chance to use him I know I will finish him... now I need a reason to play him.

Build Some Mek Gunz

I didn't scratch build as many of these as I would have liked, but to get the parts I was looking at around the same price as the official ones I found.  I do have 5 of these but only 2 are painted.  They were moved aside by some grot tanks that I built and painted and then used. I also added some Flash gits and some meganobs to the completed pile.

Paint Some Tyranids

For this resolution I wanted to get some of my unpainted tyranids done.  I mentions some gaunts, some gargoyles and my tyrant.  While I did a few guants, I still have quite a few left to paint.  I should try to batch paint a few more of these little guys so they don't look so bad on the table.  I did finaly finish my Tyrant. I love the way he turned out.  I also workedon my tervigon and she is almost done.  Those gargoyles as still waiting for some love.

Make a mold.

I am actually doing this now.  For the Dunecrawler I decided to try to make a mold of the weapon mount so I don't have to do a lot of magnets.  Plus I have lost the old one so I kind of need a replacement.  It has been interesting trying to get it right.  Hopefully I will have some success.  If I can get it to work I am planning to make a mold of the new shoulder pad for the crisis suits so I can kit out all of my old suits. 

So I did about half of the things I wanted to get done.  On top of that I have built up a Skitarii force, painted a Acheron, started collecting, painting, and  playing Infinity. I painted several models that weren't on the list like the Malanthrope and Mega armored big mek.

Over all I am happy with my hobby gains and will continue to push forward the rest of the year and into next year.  I think I will keep on doing a hobby resolution each year.  Even if I never finish or stay on track, it will give me a goal to keep me motivated.

until next time....

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?