Friday, October 23, 2015

Tau Formations Leaks

Over on the Warseer Forums Iuchiban has leaked out the rules for all the formations.  Here is a list of them and my first impressions.

Hunter ContingentConsists of:
0-1 Command
1+ Basic
1-10 Auxiliaries

Rules for Hunter Contingent:
- Reroll Warlord trait
- Units can combine their shooting attacks, and shoot as if they were a single unit. So they can get benefit from special rules and the same markerlight, for example.

This is the now standard detachment. It is basicly the new FOC  The special rule is nice if you have multiple units wanting to gun down a single unit. 

0-1 Command:
- 1 Commander or Shadowsun
- 0-1 Ethereal or Aun'va or Aun'shi
- 1-2 Crisis bodyguards

I guess this is here to break out the Ethereal and Shadowsun so they don't take up the normal slot and are not part of  the Hunter Cadre

1+ Basic (Hunder Cadre):
1 Commander
0-1 Fireblade
0-1 Crisis Bodyguards
3-6 Strike, Breacher or Kroot
1-3 Stealth Suits, Ghostkeels, Riptides or Crisis.
1-3 Pathfinders, Piranhas, Vespid, Drones
1-3 Broadsides, Hammerhead, Stormsurge, Sniper

Rules for Hunter Cadre: - Supporting Fire at 12"
- Can run and the shoot. In this order.

This looks like a typical army, a take 1 of each kind of list. The rules make supporting fire a little better and they get a nerfed battle focus.  It will be nice to help get the extra range or to be able to pull farther back before getting run over.  I can see me doing: 1 commander, 3 strikes, 1 -2 Riptide, 1-2 crisis (depending on the number of riptides), 2 pathfinders, and a broadside or hammerhead (I don't do missile sides)
1-10 Auxiliaries:

Retallion Cadre
- 1 Commander
- 3 units of Crisis
- 1 Broadside unit
- 1 Riptide unit
Rules: Relentless
+1 BS when Deep striking
May choose to enter from reserves in turn 2 via Deep Strike. This includes Broadsides.

Nice if you want more suits.  Nice to see relentless on the broadsides  so they can move and shoot the rail guns. 

Heavy Retribution Cadre
- 2 Stormsurges
- 3 Ghostkeels
Rules: If target is at 12" or less from the Ghostkeel, reroll to hit. It two units of the formation, shoot at the same target, target unit cannot run or move flat out next turn, and assault distance is halved (rounded down)

The I have to much money formation.  It has some nice special rules but I will never have the models to support it. 

Infiltration Cadre
- 3 Pathfinder units
- 2 Stealth battlesuit units
- 1 Piranha unit
Rules: If one unit of the formation is destroyed, rest of the formation enters from reserve next turn automatically.
If an enemy unit gets hit by 3 or more markerights from this formation, you get a free Seeker missile hit to this unit.

This is a nice little formation.  I don't hold much in reserve but it is nice to make sure the unit will come in next turn. I like the free seeker missile hit. 

Optimised Stealth Cadre
- 1 Ghostkeel
- 2 Stealth Suit units
Rules: Ghostkeels and any Stealth Battlesuit unit in the formation at 6" of the Ghostkeel ignore cover, add +1 to BS and hit vehicles in the rear

This is the other formation I will use.  I love the ignore cover bonus as well as the +1 BS.  The rear armor hit is just mean.

Firebase Support Cadre
- 2 units of battlesuits
- 1 unit Riptides
Note that they do not have to be max size like before
Rules: They formation can combine their shooting attacks and shoot as a single unit. When doing so, they get Tank and monster hunter SR.

A nice little group of suits if you don't have the points for the Retalliation Cadre.  Borrows the rule from the Hunter Contigent with the added bonus of Tank and monster hunter.

Armored Interdiction Cadre
- 3 Units of Hammerheads
- 1 Unit of Sky Rays
Rules: Choose a point in the battlefield. When shooting to a unit at 6" or less from this point, reroll to hit.

Lots of Hamerheads.  Kind of weak special rule but what can you do.

Air Support Cadre
- 1 Sun Shark Bomber
- 1 Razorshark Strike Fighter
Rules: Ignore shaken and stunned with 2+.
Beginning of the turn, roll a D6 for each lost hull point. If you roll a 6, recover 1 HP.

Nice little formation I like the planes they seem to be decent.  I don't own any but I like the regen of HP.

Allied Advanced Cadre
- 4 units of Kroot
- 2 units of Vespids
Rules: Vespids get Infiltration and Stealth (Forests)
Kroot at 12" from Vespid units, get Obscured (Forests) instead of Stealth (Forests), and get +1 BS
They all get supporting fire with other units of the formation.
Since I don't have any of these models I know I will not be using these.  If they made a plastic kit of Vespids or brought down the price for the finecast ones I might try them out.  I just am not a fan of Kroot.

Other Changes:
- Fire Team SR - +1 BS when 3 or more models in the same unit fire at the same target (or is it maximum squad size?)
- Sky Rays/Hammerheads can now be taken in Squadrons of 1-3
- Riptides can be taken in units of 1-3
- Destroyer Missiles count as Strength D with the expenditure of a Markerlight

I like the fire team special rule.  If we count drones the Ghostkeel just got better. Riptide Squads are cool but there are plenty of ways to add them besides grouping them up. If it has gained the fire team rule and drones are included then we might see more drones on the field. At least now we know why they are called Destroyer Missiles.  Pretty neat.

Overall,  if these rules are correct I can see the Tau being harder to beat.  Granted, they were not all that soft before but I see these as an improvement. I don't see any unit that is a TAX where you have to take a useless unit to open better options. I am happy and look forward to building my new Tau list.  All I am missing is a Ghostkeel.

Questions? Comments? Pew pew pews?