Friday, October 16, 2015

Rumors: Tau Commander and crisis suits

So it looks like rumors of the new suits have broken.  They look cool and there is a surprise for the Tau as well.

Before we get into that lets look at the pics from the  bolter and chainsword's tau rumor thread.

Yep you read that right the Tau now have a flying monstrous creature (FMC). As if they didn't already get enough grief from the Riptide.  To be honest though I don't see much harm with it since it can only have the high output burst cannon and a missile pod I can't seeing it be the new Flying tyrant.  Also as some one pointed out one grounding test and you are going to be in trouble.   I think this is a cool and fluffy rule for the Tau.  Is it broken?  I highly doubt it.

I am digging the new crisis suits and even though I have a bunch I can seem en want some more.  If anything I want some of those shoulder pads.

Next up we need to see the new rules and signature systems.   Will they keep the iradium armor? What does the fire team rule do? what are the new formations? Hopefully all these questions will be answered soon and we can start expanding the empire.

Questions? Comments? Pew pew pews?