Monday, October 5, 2015

WIP: Ghostkeel rumors and thoughts

There have been a lot of rumors about the new ghostkeel battlesuit.  I guess this is as good as time as any to throw out my two cents.
The kit itself look to be a cross of the riptide and a stelthsuit.  I think it is the prettiest looking model from the tau so far.  It's size is supposed to be a little bit bigger than the new broadsides but smaller than the riptide.  It is also a jet pack monsterous creature so i will be the baby bear of the big suits for the tau.

It comes with a crisis suit 3+ save with a bonus toughness bringing it to T5.  There is no mention of a nova reactor so no mention of a shield or if you can take one from aux systems.  It does come with stealth and can have2 drones that give it shrouded.  This  will give it a 4+ cover in the open like the steath suits.  There are some other rumors that say if being shot farther than 12" awayit get an extra +2 cover and that, once per game, it can make one target snapfire at it.

The guns on this guy are new with 2 options for the main gun.  One is a 18" S8 ap1 melta blast and the other is 6 s7ap4 ion.  Seeing that I play a lot of marines, I hate ap 4. Most marinesjust laugh it off unless you throw 12 or more shots at them.  This guy looks to be an armor cracker.  Take the secondary fusion blasters and hope you blow up that hard target before you get charged.
Over all I don't doubt I will get one of these bad boys to play with my 2 riptides.  There is a rumor that Shadowsun might be piloting one but I think that is just wishlisting. It wold be cool though.  That way it doesn't eat up an elite slot.
Only a few more days till we get confirmation on all the rules and we can stop guessing and start playing. 
Questions? Comments? Pew pew pews?