Monday, October 19, 2015

Tau Commander and crisis suit prices.

Over on warseer we have some more leaked information on the new commander model and crisis suit models.
via Archibald_TK on Warseer- Commander (apparently with a drone) - 40€, 30£, 50$
- Crisis Battelsuits (3 suits + 6 drones) - 60€, 45£, 75$
- Drones (2 drones) - 9€, 7.7£, 12$
- Warzone Damocles: Kauyon (campaign book) - 60€, 45£, 74$
- Codex Tau (128p) - 39€, 30£, 49.5$
- Tau cards, Raven Guard! cards, also White Scars cards!! for some reason - each 10.5€, 8£, 13.5$

- Commander is 85pts base. Coldstar has no particular rules compared to a Crisis so no +1T sorry. The high yield canon is crap (or should I say crap for that model), 18" S5 AP5 Assault6 TL.

- Crisis suits kit contain 4 of each weapon (except only 3 missiles). Iridium armor is still in the Codex, you can build one of such suits per kit (it the red one we saw in the pictures).

Did they mean this one?
- Kauyon's pictures show two formations: the awesome Shadowstrike Kill Team (2-4 Scouts + 1-5 Vanguards, you chose to fail or succeed reserve rolls for the Vanguards, they don't scatter within 9" of the scouts, they can charge the turn they DS) and Pinion Battle Demi-Company (like a demi company but with scouts that help reserves by accompanying other units to allow them to do a flank attack and can give ignore cover to an unit with 9")

- Codex pictures show 80pts Devilfish and 44pts Pathfinders (minimum unit size of 4)

-Drone Kit Two drones, each can be built as Gun/Marker/Shield. Drones in the Crisis kit have the same options.

So $50 for a commander and 3 suits for $75.  I think those are where I expect them.  It makes each suit $25 which is less than the Centurions but more than the hive guard or mega nobs.  I might try to get one off the web just to have one of the new models but since I have 9+ I doubt I will try too hard. 

It looks like the high yeild burst cannon is a bit lack luster it will be nice if normal suits can get that instead of a regular burst cannon for some extra pew pews.

It will be nice to be able to pick up some marker drones.  I have quite a few unbuilt regular gun drones so I know that I can turn those 2 drones into 4. 

The devilfish is still 80pts so no love there.  I usually don't use them much to be honest so I am not heart broken.

I will have to get the card for the Tau so I can keep up.  If only now they could make some Tyranid ones....

Until next time...

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