Friday, October 16, 2015

NEW: Knight-Atrapos

Forgeworld has released its newest knight the Knight-Atrapos.  When I saw it was a Mechanicum knight I thought I ordered my knight to early.  Of course the knight I got is the one I like the best but this guy is cool.

First of all you can Find the rules here.   This model fits in with the style of the other mechanicum knight with layered shoulder pad.  I love the big cog on the chest and all the cog teeth.  Like all the other Forgeworld knights he is impressive. 

Looking at the rules, like most knights, one arm is Destroyer melee weapon and the other is some big cannon.  The nice thing about the melee are is that it has a short range D shot.  This is nice to have to soften up other knights before the charge in.  The other cannon is a S8 AP 2 large blast that can cause a vortex.  I have been on the receiving end of the vortex and it is not cool.  Although it also has a chance to strip off a hull point.  Knowing my luck the one that hurts me will happen way more than the one that helps me.

Over all it is a nice Knight and probably one of the better choices out there.  If an competitive world I think it would be my first choice.  But I am glad I got the Acheron.  I know that if I was ordering now I think I would feel compelled to get this since it is for the Mechanicum but I would regret not getting the Acheron. I feel that it is very strong but not overpowered.  I don't have any buyer's remorse so I am happy about that.

Speaking of my Knight here is the latest shot.
I have entered him in #Dreadtober event over on feed your nerd I think I will have him complete except for the decals.  I want to add couple on the shoulders but I am a bit scared.  From here all I have left are some cables, the ammo belt, the base, and some touch ups.  This guy is really cool and was fun to put together. 

I hope you guys all have a good weekend! There is another Game Day coming up and my nids are hungry!

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