Monday, September 21, 2015

Showcase: Flying tyrant

I have finished painting my tyrant.  I know he only has one set of devourers but I have had this guy ever since it came out and they are glued in.  One day I might cut those off and replace them with some magnets. Until then, this will do.

While painting, I started to line highlight the carapace.  I then switched to a drybrushing technique.  I think that the result from drybrushing looks better so,I finished the model like that. This is how I plan to do my nids from now on.  

The wings were painted then heavily washed.  I like how they turned out. With those wings the model is huge and takes a lot of space. 
With this tyrant done, I only have 2 more big bugs to finish up: a custom swarmlord and a tervigon. The swarmlord is waiting for a custom base and I have been putting off the tervigon.  I think he will go quick once I start. He is primed blue so the next step of painting the carapace and fleshy parts a light color will be the most time consuming. 

After that all I will have are some gaunts and any shrikes I build.  I have not yet finalized how they are going to be.  I built up som legs this weekend.  I plan to try my hand at casting and duplicating these to make my life easier. While I love the Nurgle wing look it doesn't fit in the rest of the army and the way the modeller attached the wing looks unfinished.  I might try to add some muscle to these to make it look more a part of the model or I might try a different wing altogether.  That is a topic for another post.

I hope you like the tyrant. Happy Monday!

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?