Monday, September 28, 2015

Rumors: Stormsurge rules and prices

Today Master Sheol over at Bolter and Chainsword leaked a picture from the upcoming White Dwarf.
While it is low res,  I think I can make out a good portion of the details.  First it is a Gargantuan Creature.  No surprise.  This will give it a 12" move and stock Feel no pain.  This will help it survive a bits since it is T6 with a 3+ save.  I guess they forgot to plate it up like a riptide. It doesn't have a shield either so no stock invulnerable save but ti might be able to take the shield generator to give it a 4++

But enough about that what everyone want to know is what guns are available.  First off it has the big gun. Like the riptide it has 2 choices. it can have a long range S10 AP1 large blast or a gun that is like the Eradication projector or conversion beamer. This is where the the distance between the shot and the target changes the profile.  For 0-10" you get 2 Strength D AP1, at  10"-20" it is 2 S10 AP1 blasts and 20"-30" it is 2 S9 AP3 Large Blasts. I am not sure which I would take.  I like the large blast from across the table but the other option is nice as well. While the destroyer weapon is nice, with a range of 10",  I am not sure how much you will get to use it.

The big missile racks will shoot 4d6 so anywhere between 4 and 24 S5 AP 5 shots.  Not over whelming but nice.  As an Ork player rolling for number of shots is never a good thing (poor lootas always getting on one shot)

There are 4 one time use missiles as well.  They are S8 AP1.  I love the AP1 and high strength is nice as well but a BS3 is never a sure thing.  I guess that is what marker lights are for.

Lastly, this guy come ins at £90. I think that is the price for an Imperial Knight (IK). I guess if you wanted to have a nice centerpiece for your army it wouldn't be bad but I do know it has gone past my budget.  I might eventually get one but I think running 2 riptides will do better against anything but a IK.

 I was never really sold on the looks of this guy.  I like my mechs to have arms ( I never really liked the longbow or catapult)

Either way I think the tournaments will see these guys if the player can afford the new Forgeworld model.  I don't see it coming to my army any time soon.  Let me know what you think.

Questions? Comments? Pew pew pews?