Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Alternate model company: CNC Workshop Miniature Scenery

The guys over at CNC Workshop Miniature Scenery have a couple of new kits that I think look awesome. The new kits are Tornado and the ARF Track

 The tornado looks to be a nice alternate model for the Vendetta or the stormtalon\raven. I like the giant VTOL blades and Rear rotors.  It also has a troop pod to make it more like the Talon or Vendetta.  As built it only have the 2 banks of guns which tends to lend to the Vendetta.  This could also be made for other scifi games as a nice terrain piece.

 The ARF Track screams Ork Truck.  I love this thing and if I was looking to expand my orky motor pool I would get these. I think it is a more unique look than the GW kit and would be awesome on the board.

These kits are made of MDF and are just amazing.  Every time I come across anything by them I am tempted to give them a try.  There is only a couple of things holding me back.

First off they are close if not more than the actual GW kit.  Most of the time I am looking for a cheaper alternative when I look for alternate models. Unfortuantly before shipping they are around the same price and when you tag on shipping you are paying more than GW. If I were in a store or at a convention and I saw these side by side with the GW models.  I think I would lean towards buying these guys.

If price was not an issue I think the last thing holding me back is the material.  I just don't know how well the mdf will hold up compared to plastics. I have a few MDF objectives and while I think they look cool I am not sure if I am ready to switch over to it for everything.  The cost of givingit a try is a bit high with a small kit like the Rocket buggy comes to $25

 While this looks cool and the inital price of $15 is not bad the $11 shipping is hard to swallow for a tryout.  The nice thing is if you do decide to get muliple items the shipping gets more reasonable.  Three of these are only $13 shipping.  So maybe in the future when I decide to try out some rocket buggies I could order a few and test them out.  If I like them maybe I will try a few of the ARF Tracks or maybe one of these.

Not sure of the size but it looks cool!

If you have tried these guys I would be glad to hear your experience.

Questions? Comments?