Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Tau Spotted!

Someone got a hold of the november Warhammer Visions book and we get a sneak peak at some of the new tau coming out.  Pictures taken from Bolter and Chainsword

 First up we see what looks to be new firewarriors.

It looks like there are some changes to the helmet, backpack and guns.  The thing is I have 30 or more firewarriors so I doubt I will be getting any more of these guys.  I like the upgrade though.

Next up is what people are calling the GhostKeel.  

This looks like a Riptide sized stealthsuit. This thing is the coolest battle suit yet.  I thought the riptide was cool looking but this has it beat in that department. The best part is that the sensor suite (aka the head) is well proportion. The downside might be the load out. It looks to have an Ion cannon got one arm twin linked fusion blasters and maybe a missile pod under the other arm.I will be getting one just for looks.  Looks like it will also have burst drones.  Fitting since the stealth suit load out is a burst cannon.

This leaves the Stormsurge.

This looks to be a broadside on steroids.  They got rid of the arms to through on lots of missiles.  Looking at this picture I see the big gun on one shoulder, a small pod on the other. each arm as the huge pentagon battery of missiles, under those are some seeker missiles or other type weapon and under that is a nother swivel mounted weapon.  Lat time I checked you can only fire 2 weapons a turn so I am not sure what is going on unless this is a Gargantuan Creature.   Looking at the Ghostkeel we see that there are at least 2 different shoulder cannons.

I am not a big fan of the no armed mech and the squating stance.  I think a second set of legs would have been better to give that heavy feel or better yet a tank chassis.  Then again ususally suits last longer than tanks. I feel these guys are going to be the new OP unit that everyone wants.  It will probably also be $100 or more. Maybe from a different angle it will be better.  I just doubt it.

As it gets closer to release date we will get a better idea of what we are dealing with.  I am really happy that Tau are getting an update.  I will just have to figure out where in my queue these purchases will fall.

Comments? Questions? Pew pew pews?

Looking a bit closer at the pictures it looks like we might be getting new crisis suits.  

While the pictures are grainy they defintately look updated.  the Left shoulder looks a bit different and the abdoman looks beefier.  I hope the ankles are a bit better.  I am getting excited!