Wednesday, January 7, 2015

happy New Years! time for hobby resolutions.

Every year will promise ourselves that we are going to... go to the gym, quit eating fast foods, spend less and so on and so on.  Well over on Ash Barker had an idea about making a hobby new years resolution.  I have decided to throw my hat into the ring and to make my own new years resolution.

This year I will finish:

1. My Adepticon tau army.

Even though I am not going to Adepticon, I would like to finish the army I started. All I have left are  9 firewarriors and the firestorm redoubt.  (Yes I still plan on making this)

 2. Finish painting the shadowsword.

I primed a while back. It will be nice to finally finish this up.

3.  finish the stompa. 

This guy is almost done.  a few wires here and there and some basing and he is done.

4. Mek guns.

My orks have been missing their mek guns ever since they were called big guns.  I need to make a few of these and get them and their crew grots all painted up so I can have some support.  Everyone says that these are must takes.

5 Tyranids

I would like to finish several tyranid models before I play them. My winged hive tyrant is a big one. He has been neglected way to long and while I am at it I would like to finish all the guants and spores I have laying around. I also have some gargoyles to build and assemble.

6 create a mold

This year I would like to try my hand at resin casting.  I have some twin linked devourers that I would like to cast and reproduce.  If I can do this maybe I can try my hand at making some shrike models and molds. My first attempt are decent but I would like to do abetter job. I think I need some sculpting classes. First thing first is to make my first mold.

There you have it. My list of Hobby New Year Resolutions.  I will make a list on the sidebar and you can follow me along.  Any one else want to join me?

Questions? Comments? Happy New Years!!