Monday, January 26, 2015

Operation Mek Guns!!!

From what I have seen the Mek guns are one of the stars of the codex right now.  Today I want to look at the these guys and some modeling options so I can field them on the table.

First off some simple facts. With a squad of 5 you get 15 models so they have to kill 4 models in the squad before a morale test. If you place the guns out front then each of those models has 2 wounds at toughness 7 and a 3+ save.  This is a pretty hardy unit unless hit by a barrage or close combat.

The old standard guns are still available with a lobba, cannon, or zap gun. All of them are pretty cheap and if I believe the internet the lobba is the got to grot(5 small barrages does sound good.)

The new guns (with the exception of the bubblechucka) also look promising.  A Smasha gun with S D6+4 AP1 shot, or the Kustom mega-cannon S8 AP2 blast, and finally the tractor cannon for some anti-air support. Each one of these has it merits I am just wavering on which one I want to try first.
Of course to try them I need some models to represent them.  I have not had the time or the creative urge to create some from scratch yet.  I do want to finish up my basic cannons like I have started here. I also have one mek gun I got when they first came out and soon I will have three of these lobbas from my Kickstarter purchase from Curious Constructs. While this will give me a few options it will not get me a set of 5 models to represent the guns I am playing (2 zapp, 2 cannons, 3 lobbas and 1 new gun) While using these to proxy might have worked in my old FLGS, I don't know how people are with WYSIWYG here. Using proxy models might be frowned upon or just not allowed.  If this is the case I might not be fielding mek guns for a while.

So, with this in mind I have looked around the Internet for solutions that will work with my budget. Back when the mek gun came out, I found some answers but today I see a new player wanting my money.  Puppets War has made a model that I like almost as much as the GW mek gun platform. While I love the look of this model, there are 2 problems: 1. They don't have the new weapons and 2. They are a bit expensive. While not quite as expensive as the Games-workshop kit the GW kit come with 5 grots as well.  I know if Puppets Wars came with representation of the new guns I know would order them today but with the only the 3 old options and no grots I can see me spending the money for them.

I guess once Curious Constructs bring their gun to their selling page I could fill out my set. In the end I will have to see how they look next to the gw set. If comparable, I could try to just scratch build a replacement weapon and set it on the housing of the guns.  How do you guys work with all of these small parts?  I am in awe of Sorien of 40k Orks and More... and his skill and tractor cannons.

In the end I am guessing that my mek skills will be tested as I kit bash and scratch build some guns. Now I have to find the time and parts to make this happen.  At least I am making ork stuff,  It is supposed to look junky right?

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas?