Thursday, February 13, 2014

WIP Ork big gunz

I have heard that the big guns are where it is at these days with orks. If this is true I guess I should finish up the project I started a while back.

After making 2 battlewagons with the deffrolla kit I also put the boom cannon that comes in the kit in the turret.  This left we with 2 zap guns and 2 cannons.  I thought "they would be pretty decent big gunz." After that they just sat in my bits box. 

Now with the help of some wheels I ordered from ramshackle games a log time ago (for some rucket buggy conversions) I decided to finish them up.

While they need a bit of cleaning up I am happy this these 2 so far.  I like the fender look on the one. I also like the sprue addition to the second one to look like some grots could tow it around.  in the end I might have to add something to the other one since it looks kinda plain.

The next two will be similar.  I have 2 more fenders for one while just a couple of wheels for the other. It will be nice just to have them finished so I can use them the next time I play.  Maybe I can find 2 more cannons so I can run 2 full squads.  

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas?