Tuesday, February 4, 2014

WIP: Harpy/Crone

Over the weekend I got some work done on my harpy / crone model.  When I got this I wanted to be able to use either unit just like the exocrine / haruspex.  I built up as much as I could without committing to much to one build or another as you can see in this post

After the initial build I set out on magnetizing the head.  I drilled out the neck of each head. Then, I filled the head with green stuff (GS) to hold the magnet in place. Finally I added the magnet to each and moved onto the body.

The body was a bit trickier.  I also misjudged the size of the magnet so my whole was to big.  I got some GS to hold the magnet and let it set.

The finished product looks good. Now it is easy to use the correct head.

 Next I need to make sure the crone had her little buddies. first thing I did was carefully drilled into the wing.  I tried to get it deep enough that the magnet was flush but not al; the way through.  I failed horribly on one going straight through the wing. A little  GS and some sanding and I will be ok.
I then assembled the little squids.  I figured I will never need these with out their mounts so I glued them together then added a magnet.
Here they are mounted on the wings.
Over all I am glad with the outcome.  I still need to do the guns but I am waiting on a larger magnet to hold them in place.  I am a bit nervous since the arm fit snugly to the body I thin I will need to be careful on how I set the magnets. Wish me luck.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?