Friday, January 31, 2014

WIP: Tyrant Guard modeling done.

I finished modeling and magentizing  my trio of Tyrant Guard.  I am pretty happy with the look of them. I think they look similar to the new models and I can use them with any weapon load out.

These guys will be put away until the air gets warmer so I can basecoat them.  I had to improvise the last set of talons since the last set of arms were just to large.  So I used the rending claw arms from the guard kit and added the talons that also came with the kit. They are a bit of a straight arm but I think it looks ok.

Next up is the harpy.  I have a few magents for the heads and I am going to try to magnetize the missiles.  I am hoping that the small magnets can be hidden in the wing well enough that it won't look too out of place.  I am planing to drill a hole through and then use green stuff to hide the whole. we will see how well I will do.  I test one and if I like it I will do the rest.  I need to get some larger magnets to do the arms so that is on hold.

Also this weekend I am going to try to make my own slate with scupley and super sculpey.  I watched a tutorial on it and if I do it I will document the process as well.  Have a good weekend!

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?