Monday, January 13, 2014

8 Player Escalation Game

This weekend I came back to play in an 8 player Escalation. The theme was imperial vs chaos.I brought 3k of Imperial Guard(IG) which included a Shadowsword as a Lord of War. I asked my teammates if I should use the D strength weapon or should I use the Stormsword with the S10 big blast and They said to use the D.  We thought everyone was going to bring a D weapon. Turns out I was the only one.  Sorry guys. At least it wasn't a titan with 4 shots.

My Mostly painted Army (silly plane and heavy weapon teams)
The Shadowsword. Bum bum bummmmmm!
On my team was Stewie from  Legion V, Chosen1 from Team Snake Eyes, And the Store manager of Fantasy Books and Games. We faced off against 3 of our non blogging friends and Chambers from The Back 40K.
The other team had the big named nurgle daemon as a lord of war and one outpost with an escape hatch.  That thing was a pain in the butt. He was playing with a Slanesh marine army with a lot of Terminators and Noise Marines.

 Turn one the player oppisite of me came out of the hatch and ran up to my grill. I moved out and shot a few  thinking back I should have just burn-iated them to the ground but I wanted to move forward so I tank-shocked through.

Chambers brought a huge squad of terminators through the hatch and both hell hounds went down. On my turn I brought the shadowsword in and took out a huge chunk of those terminators. I dropped my stormtroopers behind enemy lines which got killed by Chosen1 thunderfire cannon. While Stewie's bikes outflanked into the back of chambers field and wiped out his fort and a ton of Terminators.

On the next turn chambers threw a bunch of stuff at the shadowsword but only took off 2 hullpoints.  While his helldrake roasted most of Stewies bikes that were in his backfield. He did take out more of my tanks and their vet squads.
On our turn the shadowsword blew up a forgefiend and a bunch of marines. Stewie had more bikes come on behind Chambers and wiped out more noise marines.
Turn 4 saw  the shadowsword fall.  The new bikes got roasted but Chambers was on the ropes.  The Vendetta squadron was shot down by my Squadron.  My big blob finally came on and mopped up the pesky demonettes in my backfield.  I also started moving towards the objectives with my heavies since our side was playing big guns never tire.
  Turn 5 not much  else happened.  I secured some objectives and tried to help Chosen1 secure his side.  It was pretty much over and after tallying up the points we won.  Chaos had to slink back to the warp to try another day.

I had a great time.  it was nice not playing Apoc.  I could reach my models and I was mainly focused on Chambers.  Turns were relatively quick considering the point values played.  I hope the other guys had a good time as well.  I felt sorry for Chambers.  The D weapon and Stewie in his back field really screwed him.  Although if I didn't have the D, his teminators would have stomped me into the ground. Maybe next time I won't bring the D.

The guys bought me the new Tyranid codex.  I have gone through it a few times.  There are some good things and some bad things but, that is a story for another blog post.

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