Monday, January 6, 2014

WIP Monday: Imperial Guard: Bane Wolf, Veterans, and Commissar oh my!

I have been gearing up for my 3000 point game this Sat. The group I play with likes playing painted armies so the special rule is every painted unit gets one re-roll per game. My Imperial Guard (IG) army is mostly done but there still quite a few models to paint.

So after painting away this weekend I have continued to work on my veterans squads.

5 down 7 more left to go.
with these 7 almost complete I will have enough troops to field a 20 man blob, 2 command squads (company and platoon), and 3 veteran squads.  I hate having open face helmets so I switched out the heads to use Pig Iron Productions heads.  They are not the only things I use from them.  I also use their system troopers as my stormtroopers. They have some decent molds and nice models.  My only complaint is that they use metal.  You can't win them all I guess.

While chugging away at the cannon fodder I also finished up my last HQ.

My scratch built commissar has a System Trooper head while and sports a shoulder pad from a tank kit.  I spent some extra time doing some edge highlighting for you Bill, Chad and Brandon. I think he turned out decently.  I like my power sword.

While the foot sloggers  are my main focus I also figured I could finish up the Bane Wolf I have been working on for a while now.

It could use some edge highlights but it is playable as it is now.  I love all the IG tanks.  I am a bit sad that tanks took such a huge hit this edition. if the rumors are to believed though they the Russ might get some help as well as a new kit to bring to the party.  While I welcome some help for my old friend Leman Russ I know I will not have the funds for more tanks anytime soon. 

Along with the Bane Wolf I had a few extra pieces to finish up so my tanks could look pretty.
That is all I have done so far.  If I look through my models the only models not completely painted are:

4 heavy weapon platforms
2 snipers
2 stormtroopers
4 ratlings

Wow I think this year I will have a fully painted army. I guess this gives me more time to work on my Tau since they are my newest army and least painted. It will be nice though to have a selection to bring to those Rogue Trader Tournaments though. I think the only army I can do that for is my Necrons.  I need to finish up my big bugs before Tyranids are ready and I am not sure how much of my Orks are finished.

Hopefully I will have the chance to take some pictures this weekend of my army.  I always like seeing fully painted armies.  I guess I should work on my display board as well.... sigh a mini-wargamers work is never truly done.

Questions? Comments? Pew Pew Pews?