Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Swarmlord and Hellhound

Ah another day where I can show you the progress on my current projects.  After a busy day my better half and I settled down to watch a movie and work on our hobbies.  She was crafting and I was painting. 

I continued to work on the Swarmlord.  I think he is coming along nicely. I have most of him painted up.  He has some hooves and claws to be painted and some touch ups left.  Then I can complete the highlights give him a base and bam! He is finished!

I kinda regret his bent over posture but unless I want to strip him and destroy him I will have to live with it.  While I like how he looks you don't get to see much of his face.  I guess if you put a marine right in from of him it would be cool.  Maybe I can pop him off his base and have him climbing up a rock.... hmmmm might work.

Next is my second Hellhound.  I painted my first a while back with some Army Painter spray paint that I don't have anymore so I had to mix some of the other paints that I have to get a close match.   I think it is a close match and will be good when I am done.

Next I will paint the grey and clean up the tracks and give it a wash and I will be done.  I love tanks. to bad the die like flies in this edition.  I will still use them next year.  I love the chem cannon version of this guy.  AP3 wounds on a 2+ FTW!

Well that is all.  Tomorrow I am heading to the shop and I hope to get a game in.  I heard they don't like double force org lists so I am going to modify my list to not use it.  Hopefully this time I will not forget my spores so the Doom can do his job correctly.  I have a feeling this might me the last time I get to use him in his current setup.  Oh well you win some, you lose some.

I will try to get pictures and write up a report. 

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms? Pew pew pews?