Monday, November 4, 2013

Orkses R comin!!!!!

the latest rumor is that the Orks will be getting their codex in june.  This makes 4 out of my 5 armies that are getting a redone codex.while this is great for the armies it hurts my pocketbook.  I am going to hold back on what I buy for the bugs in January so I have some funds for the IG and Ork books. 

I was thinking about dedicating a whole year to playing one army again like I did this year but I am not sure if I want to do that.  I know that January will be my Ork Month.  I just want those green skins to WAAAAGGGGHHHHH across the field and do some krumpin!
This claw is mde from krumpin!

Now 6 months is a a bit far to get my hopes up and dream of what they will get but just a quick look at these rumors might be cool. Here is a list of the new kits.

Buggy kit

Flashgitz/Tankbustas combo-kit
Meganob kit (Warboss bit included)
Big Gunz/Suppagunz combo-kit
Plastic cybork parts are included in one of those kits.

Plastic Weirdboy clampack
Plastic Mek clampack

Looking at what is there I don't have much to get excited about.  I have 2 meks already, and a custom weirdboy. I am making my own Big Guns and the flash git/ tankbusta are just not me.  I have 2 buggies already that never see thew field and I have 12 koptas so I could use the old formation.  I am sad they got rid of it.  It was my favorite Apoc Ork Formation.

The only one I am interested is is the Meganob.  And really if they don'y look as cool as the Kromlech or more expensive than the Kromlech ones I think I will pass.  I already have 5 of them any way. 
Kromlech's new guys.  Soooo sweet!
My old Metal guys!
I know if my LFGS carried these guys I would have 3 more meganobs!  alas the are ebay only.
Don't make me save you!