Tuesday, November 12, 2013

WIP: Termagants and Riptide

Although I wasn't able to play last week I did get to work on some of my models.  First I worked on my the plethora of guants.  After that I thought the Riptide might get some work.

Termagants with Fleshborer

I thought I would start with just 5 and paint them up assembly style.
I then proceeded to follow my guide painting the claws carapace, and teeth light grey
then the carapace green.
finishing with painting the gun and claws and teeth bone white then washing the gun and body blue.

Just need to dot the eyes and do the base and they are done.  just when I thought I was done look what shows up....

After working on all the little bugs I needed a pallet cleanser.  I went to Hobby Lobby and found some orange spray paint and decide to try it out on my Riptide. It was really bright compared to my standard Tau orange so I started to bring it back down.

I get tired of painting orange so I started to paint in the dark grey....
I continued to paint the orange and grey and decided to throw on some blue..

Still not done.  I have a lot of work left on him but he is well on his way.

This week I am back in my home town so I can pick up some paint since the local shops only do GW paint and GW doesn't have a highlight for their Moot Green.  I saw the edge color but I am unsure if that is what I would like to use.  Once I get that I can start to highlight the Swarmlord.  I am eager to finish him up so he can lead my troops to some nom nom noms in style.

Questions, Comments, Nom nom noms? Pew pew pews?