Thursday, January 2, 2014

A new Year a new Direction

Happy New Year!

Well the year of the bugs is over and while I am glad I get to play some of my other armies I and sad to let the bugs go.  This doesn't mean I won't be playing them this year it just means that they are put at the bottom of the rotation.  This year I am going to play one army a month.  With my currnt scedule this might mean 1 game with an army but we shall see. My first Army will be IG.

I know I saud I was going to play orks next but the guys are having a huge stronghold assault / escalation match and the theme is imperium vs chaos.  So Orks are now feburary with Tau for March and Necron for April. I plan on keeping track of my w/l/d records here with a new widget. So look for that.

To get ready I wanted to get more guard stuff painted before the game so I got out my infantry units and got to painting.

 Here I have all of my regular troops plus my custom commissar. A bunch of them are primed in my gray color and so part way done.
I also had this raging hero female commissar that I got last year and I have a commander who needs his helmet painted to command colors not sargent colors.

After a few nights of painting my first wave is complete.

5 normal troops and my commander with his bright green helmet.

And while it is no golden demon paint job the commissar is completed as well.  It is as good as I can get.  There was a ton of fine detail than my shakey hands just couldn't do.  Oh well. Next up is more troops and a regular commissar.  we will see which I like better after painting him up.

Questions? Comments? Pew Pew Pews?