Thursday, December 26, 2013

Latest Bug Pictures and more of my impressions.

 There are more new pictures out there on the web for the new Tyranid pictures.  The big Bell of Lost Souls forum post had them on Christmas day but I thought I would put them up here and then give my impressions of them.

First off are some box sets of some old models.

 The swarm loadout is a great deal if the rumored price of $170 is true.  Supposedly there is a couple of  new boxes of guants and hormagaunts with 20 models in the box for $33.  If this is true I think I might get one of each to round out my little gribblies.

The other box is 2 carnifex While I love the look of the carnifex I don't see them being all that useful anymore.  A few people using the dakkafex (2 twin linked brain leach devourers) with is not a bad gun platform if you drop it down in a spore pod.  The problem is that the rumors have the spore pod being retconed out of the codex and the devourers being nerfed to S5.  Again these are rumors. Maybe there is a way to make the Carnifex viable again. *Crosses fingers*

The next image is of the Exocrine next to the Tyranofex.

 Here we get to see a size conparioson.  he looks beefier but shorter.  I said it before, this was what I thought the T-fex should look like. Heck here is my custom T-fex looks.  I made it before the official model came out.
If I do get this model I will give him some huge scything talons not those itty bitty genestealer arms. It is just going to be hard for me to get on board with this guy since big bugs are so easy to kill now. He will probably be T5 or 6 with 5 wounds and a 3+ save.  Maybe if the range of his gun is 60" or only 100pts he might be an option.

This is the flaw with all our big bug option. It is just really hard to keep them on the board long enough now to be worth taking.  The way I have been winning is with swarm tactics.  If I can overwhelm them with bodies I can get into the ranks and take out some bodies.  It almost worked for me my last game against the Tau and iff it wasn't for some bad tactical maneuvers on my part and forgetting the tyrant guard. I would have had a good chance at winning that game too.  It is just not a big bug game anymore. I guess before I get the model I can playtest it with my T-fex model.  I just need to get a big oval base for it.

This brings us to our last pic.
After reading some comments people called this a brick with wings.  I honestly like it.  It looks like a gliding flying monster.  I don't understand people's problems with it.  I do know I will use the harpy's stacks on this guy if I can they just look cooler. as is the Head crest but I think I am stuck with the drool cannon head if I want to use the old crone.  Not sure the harpy will be worth trying out.  Maybe the stranglethorn cannons will be useful.

Well that is all the new pictures that I have found.  There was one more of the crone but it pretty much was the same pic just painted red.  I am still excited about the new codex.  if rumors are to be believed the advanced order will pop up Jan 4 with a release on the 11th. I feel like we are getting another balanced codex just like in 5th.  This will mean that the powergamers with quickly move on to the next big thing or stick with the taudar.  This will mean bargins on ebay! Woot!

Happy hunting...

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?