Friday, December 20, 2013

I got to play a game.

With my wedding behind me, my life is calming down so I have a little more free time to get in my favorite hobby.  While I am still in that "never want to be apart" phase of the marriage we both recognize I need some time with my little dollies.  So last night I got a game in with my bugs at the local game shop, Epic Loot Comics and Games.

This might be the last game of the year since Christmas is next week leaving little time to actually getting a game in.  This also means that the year of the bug is unoffically over. I know I am quiting right when the new codex is coming out but hey, them the breaks. January will be ork month except for maybe a big all day escalation game. They are talking imperium vs chaos so that means my tanks are coming out.

With that being said last night I played against a Tau list.  Wow there is a lot of shooting in that army.  We played the emperor's will and the diagonal deployment.

turn 1 I moved forward and made some babies to hold the objective.
his turn one he killed a ton of gargoyles and then unloaded a skyray into my Raveners and they disapeared.  poor babies :(
On turn 2 the doom came down and sucked some brains and the devil guants rolled very poorly only getting 7 wounds on one squad and 5 on another.  The tervigons made some babies  and we all moved up again.

middle of Tau turn 2

middle of tau turn 2

His turn 2 he killed the doom using most of his firepower and put 2 wounds on the swarmlord.

On bug turn my 2 raveners got the charge off and killed the suits. (dang needed to stay in combat) and the guants spread out to avoid bombs.  Guys moved forward waiting hoping to survive another round to charge. 

 That hope was dashed.  With both tervigons stopped up I couldn't unleash a horde to overwhelm his guns and he just picked me off.  The swarmlord soaked up a ton of fire but with only an iron arm roll of 1 he just couldn't make it.  I was finally gunned down during his charge by supporting fire.

My only hope was for my tervigon to smash through his defenses and contest his objective.  with all his ap 2 and 3 shooting and mass s5 shooting this was not going to happen.
in the end all I had left was 1 tervigon on my objective and a sporepod.  He had first blood slay the warlord and linebreaker.  Easy win for the Tau.

Looking back I noticed that I forgot 2 guards for the swarmlord giving him 4 more wounds.... dang. I failed in placement of doom and the guants. These misplacements cost me in the end.  If I put them in front of the gun line he would have to fire on the drop pods or block the line of site to my army while I would have had more time to come up and assault. live and learn as I always say.

It was a good game.  I figured it was an uphill battle and I just couldn't make it up the hill. The field was pretty open for a running bug list giving him a open view of my braveheart charge.  Oh well.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year if I don't have another post between now and then.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?