Friday, December 13, 2013

WIP: Stompa! Here comes the hot steppa!

SO earlier this year a guy at my local shop was trying to get rid of some orks.  He had this stompa that was half put together but didn't want anymore.  He offered it to me for $25. How could I pass on that.  So I brought it home and it sat there and waited for the year of the bug to end.  Well here we are!

First of all there were no instructions so I am going off picture I see on the net.  over all I like how it is coming along.  Let's take a look.

  So I have it mostly completed.  I have to add the plates in front of the grots, the mini turret on the shoulder,  the ammo can, missiles, and a buch of little details before I can start painting him.  That is another question I need to figure out.  which paint scheme should I use.  Looking at my previous ork Vehicles we can see I have used some greens (tanks, kans and Mega Dread) reds, (tanks, kans and planes) or silver (battle wagon, kan, and dread). 

I know I don't want the patch work all differnet color one but would all silver just be too much?  What about all red? After my experience with the riptide I am no longer sold on the use of sprays or air brush to do all my base coating.  I plan to do all black or gunmetal  then maybe I will tape off some parts and then spray the basecoat. I think I am leanning towards red but I see so many red stompas out there. We will see.

I am not all that happy with the stock head that comes with the stompa and want to eventually get the Forge world one so I took the time to magnetize the head.
easy peasy.  I was going to add a belly gun but then realized it is only the mek stomp that gets one of those.  To make the mek stompa I would have to add a lifta droppa arm as well and to do that I would have to break off one of the glues on arms and my cheap stompa would then cost more than the orginial kit. I might do that another time but I think I will just have my plain ol' stompa crashing around the field.  Who knows I might even try an Escalation game with him!  He is no Revenant Titan and has no D weapons so people will have fun killing him.

Well that is all for today. I will continue to work on him.... he needs a name.... hmmmm

Questions? Comments? WAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!s?