Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New bug pictures!

Like everyone else I am really excited about the new Tyranid photos.  lets take a look.

The first one is the prime.  kinda neat.  shoulder pads and a different tail.  If he is a warrior upgrade I think I will just make one if I one one. Speaking of warriors, here is a shot of them.
 They pretty much look the same as before so no reason to get more unless they are awesome. I have never been a big fan.  I like the shrikes and raveners better.  The new rules may change that.

another kit I don't think I will get is the tyrant guards.

 I just don't know what to think here. I liked the old one's design better. The big plate looks akward.  I have 4 guards already so I doubt I will be getting more.

This leads us to the big bug.

One looks like what the tyranofex should have looked like. Yup I agree with the internet. Except for those itty bitty front claws.  I am guessing he will be 400 pts with 2 shots. bleh Maybe tough 8 with a 2+/3++ save and I will consider him other wise I might just pass.

Mr. Big mouth looks nasty.  Really I think this is the re-imaged Haruspex. It looks like a close combat beast and those huge claws are cool looking.

And lastly we have the flyers.  

 I really like them.  They look cool.  The little wing guys are cool but I would rather have seen them on the body since the wings need to be able to flex in fight. I want to look at their rules before I go crazy over them.

All in all it looks like a good release with some nice looking bugs.  For those who don't have a ton of guards and warriors, the new sets will be cool to add on. The harpy everyone have been asking for is now here as well as a new anti-flyer I hope. Heck maybe they will make the harpy viable but I won't hold my breath.

Until I get the rules I am not going to lean one way or another.  There are just too many to from unreliable sources to get excited about.  I hope the psychic stuff is false unless they revamp the old powers.  Half of those really suck and not worth taking.

Hope you enjoy.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom nom?