Thursday, January 23, 2014

WIP: Tyrant Guard

So in what little time I have I have been working on fixing up my old tyrant guard to fit with the new ones.  I didn't mind the old one if I was going to use the stock build with scything talons but I thought I might like to try a crushing claw or the bone sword lash wil version so I decided to see what I could do.

First off I drilled out the arm and made way for the magnets.  I then added them to a larger base since they now use 50mm instead of 40mm. Next I used the new crests to give more bulk to the model.  It also brings it more in line with the new model.

I wish I was more of a green stuff artist since I know it needs some work around the bottom of the crest so they don't look so out of place.  That will be the next step. After that I just need to add some magnets slap on some paint and my guard are good to go.

  That's all for today. Thanks for checking in.
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