Monday, January 27, 2014

WIP: Harpy /Crone and Heavy Weapons Team.

So I had a little time to craft over the weekend.  I assembled the harpy / crone model up to the point where I need magnets.  Then I painted up one of my 4 heavy weapon teams. First some pics.

So I built her using the crone tail and harpy abdomen. I also added the crone's breast spikes because they are cool.  I wonder if they would fit on a carnifex or tyrant chest.  On the top of the model I liked the sleek chimneys over the standard ones.

I figure no one would really care about these since they are not guns so really not WISIWYG.  I then prepped the guns so once my magnets come in I can add them on.  I also left off the heads so I can magnetize them as well.

Of course we can't forget spore mines.
Last night I was looking for something to do while Dowton Abby was on so I could hang with the wife but also get something done.  I found this guy.

1 down and 3 more to go.  I am really excited that my IG army is almost finished. Just a few weapon teams, some ratlings, 2 stormtroopers, 2 snipers and a few vehicles and they are done.  Oh and the quad cannon but that has to wait till it warms up.  Need to base coated it.

After looking at these pictures I need to set up some better lighting for my pictures.  looking at the guard the flash creates a lot of shadows but with out it, it is to dark to see details.  hmmmm maybe I should just keep taking crappy pictures and blame the quality on the camera. Na to many of you actually knows how bad my stuff is.

Hopefully I will get a game in this week.  It will be the last chance this month to play guard till it is ork time!  Yea Orks!

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms? Pew pew pews?