Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WIP: Tyrant Guard

I got some more work done on my tyrant guard.  I wanted to have my old models able to use any of the new weapon options.  So I am testing one out.

Earlier I added the cowling that the new guard have to my older models.  I then drilled out the sockets and added magnets to the hold the arms in place.

I then added magnets to the arms.
I finished the other side and ...

I like the overall look of this guy.  I have 3 more Guards but I only have 2more sets of arms and cowls.  I am using the Mawlock's talons for the talons for these guys. I think if cut off the socket the arm will look ok in the other 2 sets otherwise I think they are a perfect fit.  A simple conversion to keep my models WYSIWYG.

Questions? Comments?Nom nom noms?