Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WIP: Exocrine/Haruspex and Hive Guard/Tyrant Guard

I am continuing a break in my review of the codex to work on my new models.  I wanted to Build these in a way I could use all the options.  First lets look at the Hive Guard.

They designed the kit really well.  It will be easy to slide one option off and put the other on.  It is a nice kit and I didn't even need magnets to hold him together. The Tyrant guard is a bit different.  I have 3 old metal versions of this guy.  I want to rip off the arms put some magnets in his arm sockets.  Then I can magnetize all the arms.  If I add the new crests on the old model I think they will look pretty decent.

The problem I see is that the bone sword and talons use the sam arm.  I am not good with magnets and I am afraid to try to do the wrist hand magnets.  I thin I will just use some old talon arms and gule the bonesword to this arm.

After working with the small fries I decided to work onone of my 2 big kits.  after looking through the instructions and pieces of the  Exocrine/Haruspex kit I decided I would try to magnetize it.  It looked very doable since the main changes were the head and front arms. So I started to assemble the heads and arms.

I then added a large magnet onto the back of the neck plate.  I also added the magnets to the heads to make sure that they could hold.
I then assembled the body.

Added the magnets to the arms.

All done. Here is the Exocrine.  I added some tyrant talons to make him look a little meaner.

Here is the Haruspex.

I am going to be moving soon so I might not have a lot of time to work on models.  My plans for my Tyrant guard and harpy/crone are going to be sleved for the time being.  Maybe at the end of Feb I might get a chance to work on them again...  I was going to continue my review of the new Codex  but I have left my book back in my hometown so I don't have any reference material. Also almost everyone else has chimed in so It is a little redundant.  We shall see.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?