Monday, February 10, 2014

WIP: Twin linked devourers, Heavy Weapons Team and basing.

This weekend I had a little down time and thought I would get a little hobby stuff out of the way.  First, I wanted to add some texture to my new Tyranid monstrous creature bases. Next, I finally decided to make some twin linked (TL) Devourers for my Tyrant. Lastly, I painted up another heavy Weapons Team for my Guard.

The first project was easy.  I just mixed up some celluclay. Added some sculpey made slate. then coated the base with the celluclay.  It will look nice once painted and flocked.  More interesting than a flat base.

Next up is my Heavy Weapons team.  All that is left is some flock.  I might add in some Celluclay to breakup the flat ground.  I haven't decided yet.

With this guy done I only have 2 more to paint.  The Guard are so close to being all painted.

My last project for the weekend was some TL Devourers for my tyrant.  I have been lazy with these.  Most of the time I just have my armless unpainted flying tyrant on the field. Well now I will have some arms for him.  Also if I want to run my walking tyrant I won't have to lie and and say that those deathspitters are the TL Devourers. Here is how I made them.

First get 4 devourers and cut like so.
next I got some Green Stuff (GS) and put 2 of these together.
I then took an unused crushing claws (who would used them on a monstrous creature anyway) and cut off the claw part.
I then attached the guns to the claw and added in a few carapaces from an old genestealer sprue. (They can't use them anymore.)
Finally I added in a spike for good measure and I am finished

I drilled out the holes for the magnets.  I am waiting for a shipment of them to come in.  should be easy to add them in and get them going.  should look decent enough.  Better than the $10 a pair they go for on ebay. 

I took some shots of my game the other day but just haven't had the time to get a report written out.  Maybe some day this week. Have a good week everybody.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?