Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Necrons are Coming Back

With all the rumors flying around I thought I would pick out a few and give my thoughts on what is to come. The ones I will cover are Reanimation protocols, the Resurrection orb, Mind Shackle Scarabs, Tesla, gauss, and entropic touch.

Reanimation Protocols (RP)

Everyone feared they would turn into feel no pain (FNP).  This fear is almost warranted. It is very similar to FNP. The one difference is that you get this save all the time except for when you are removed from play.  Even Instant Death does not remove this entirely just make you have to pass it on a 6+. It is an improved Feel No Pain. I like this change. No more worrying about if you break before you stand up.  You just shrug off the wound and keep going. It also helps speed up play since you don't have to wait till the end of the phase to roll to see if you stand back up.  Finally you don't have to remove models then put them back on the table.  I know it sounds silly but I think this is better and faster way of doing the RP.  The one drawback is it loses some of its flavor since sometimes a unit that seemed almost gone just reappears on the table.  This really embodied the We'll Be Back.

The Resurrection Orb

The Res orb was one of my must takes.  I would take one on all overlords and lords so that every squad could have the 4+ RP instead of 5+.  I am not sure how overpowered this was since I was taking 25 a pop for 4-5 squads and I was even taking lords just to have the res orb so now I think I will save some points.  I have seen games where my RP rolls were all 4's but most of the time I would roll 1-3 or 5-6.  I guess we will see after a few games get played. I am sad at this change but not crying about it.

Mind Shackle Scarabs

Everyone hated these. Now they are pointless. I guess they are ok against Tau or Guard but when do these armies try to charge. I took these on my guys because I found it funny to say, "Why you hitting yourself? Why you hitting yourself?" It was always funny.  More often than not it seems my opponent would make the leadership and punk me out but there were games where it was shameful.  I saw these as the only reason not to assault my necrons.  Now there is no reason.  If you get there I am dead or tarpited.  It is just the way the army works no worries.  I am sad to see it go but not surprised at all that it was pounded into uselessness.


Not a big surprise that you don't get the extra hits on snap shots.  This means Jinking Annihilation Barges and night scythes don't get their free hits, and flyers are safe again, although watch out for snap shooting Gauss. I am indifferent on this change.


Unless I am reading wrong it looks like Gauss is auto wounding on 6's again.  Cheer!  Take that T8 monsters.  They still glance on a 6 which makes them the best thing necrons have on taking on armor.  I like this change.

Entropic touch

This works like Gauss but for close combat.  This also takes out all those counters for removing armor value. It gets rid of the "remove armor save" rule but that was not used very much and was always a pain to track.  This streamlines the game which I like but it was always fun sending in a bunch of scarabs and removing 6-7 Armor points then penetrating the vehicle and blowing it up.  I guess needing a 7 remove the explosion from the equation so they had to nerf entropic touch.

Well those are the big changes I see.  I am sure once I get my codex I will find more and maybe write up a review or *gasp* make a video.  I wouldn't mind the video but I am a novice and so I worry about the quality.  We shall see. Until next time...