Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Games Workshop holiday bundles

Over on Bell of Lost Souls they have information on a few of the GW holiday bundles.  The ones that caught my eye were the Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus.

The first one is the Battle Maniple.

This is the Skitarii bundle that has everything you need to field the formation found in the Skitarii book as well as most of the items I need to complete my army.  By the looks it has 2 boxes of vanguard/rangers, 2 boxes of ruststalkers/infiltrators a dunecrawler and a ironstrider.  If I bought them separately it would cost $285 while this is listed at $215 a huge $70 savings.  That is like getting the dunecrawler for free.

The second one is the Elimination Maniple.

This is also a formation in the cult book.  It contains 2 boxes of breachers/Servitors and a box of Kastelan Robots.  Together they would cost $185 while listed at $150.  I nice $35 savings.  If I was going to add a cult part to my Skitarii army this would be the formation I would start with.

The last one listed is a Space Marine Demi Company

This looks to be 3 tactical boxes, 1 dread, 1 devastator box, 1 assault box and a captain.  This come to $283 for $220. A $63 saving.

I really don't care about getting the Marines.  I am tempted to get the Skitarii box since it is 6 months of hobby fund for the price of 4.  The thing I don't like is that it is one big purchase that will hold off any other purchase until it is a)painted and 2)paid off.  This means that if there is a new Tyranid monster (which I have heard rumors) I will have to wait till April before I can think about getting it.  While I can hold back purchases, I am not sure I like to block off my hobby funds for so long. 

I guess I have some time to mull it over. It doesn't come out for a few weeks and they usually stick around at least till Christmas. I just wish they brought this out a few months ago.  I could have had it all painted by now and still be ready for any tyranid release.  Oh well.

What do you guys think?

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?