Sunday, November 2, 2014

another objective marker

 So looking at my choices on the Internet for objective markers I have stumbled onto another site.
The site Conversion Fanboy has some objective markers that would work with any of my armies.

These resin cast makers make it easy to figure out which objective you are holding. They also are decorative and are better than just a base with a number on it.  For $8 it is right up there with the other ones that I reviewed earlier.

They also make a add on kit that will hide the numbers for an extra $7. It also comes with an extra 2 and 3 for the scouring mission.
If I get these I will likely cut off the question mark and make them all even so they can just look like rubble. 

So for $15 I can have some nice resin markers that will work with every army.  My wife also suggested making some markers out of  electronic tea lights.  I like the idea of having light up markers but I would have to think of a way to incorporate them in the marker. I have a few ideas but I am not sure if A> they would look cool and 2> they would be cost effective.  We will see.

have a good weekend.

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