Friday, November 14, 2014

Pathfinders completed...

...just in time to cancel Adepticon! While I am happy that the pathfinders are complete I have decided that I will not be going to Adepticon. Things have come up and so I won't be able to make it to the great con. I might be able to hit up another con we shall see.

I still plan on completing the painting tasks I have set for myself but I don't need the objectives or the display board.  I still want to make the Firestorm Redoubt so have no fear it is still on the table.

Here are some pictures of the finished pathfinders.

the last one I actually coated it with a layer of mod podge for a test for a hard coat.  I actually like how it looks so I might be doing this with all my metal models if not all of them. there was no cloudy appearance. I will need to look at it closely.

Hope you have a great weekend. 

Questions? Comments? Pew pew pews?