Monday, November 3, 2014

More news and more bugs

On the tail of the Tyrannocyte we get the Sporocyst and the Mucolid spore cluster.

 I got these images from the bell of lost souls forum. They are all over the net so
congrats to who leaked them first.

Looking at the pictures it looks like the kit can make 1 sporocyst and mucolid or a tyrannocyte. I like the looks of these guys but I think the drop pod is the way to go.  The sporocyst is a support role enhancing synapse while spitting out spore mines and shooing it's guns.   The mucolid is a supped up spore pod that can hit side armor of zooming models.  To bad it is only ap3 all it can do is glace those flyers.

over all I like these new guys.  Better than the last 2 big models. Still the only thing that is oing to be added to my army right away is a few Tyranocytes. The others can be on the back burners.

Questions ? comments? nom nom noms?