Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Showcase: Darkstrider

My friend Stewie gave me a pack of pathfinders and Darkstrider for my birthday. I quickly assembled the models and primed them this weekend.  Last night I started painting them and focused on finishing Darkstrider. Here are shots of the fruit of my labor.

Of course I hate the helmetless of the 40k leaders so I added a helmet from a fire warrior.  With Darstrider's cowl so high behind his head I figured that the longer helmet of the pathfinders would not fit right.  I like the finished model.  If I don't use Darkstrider then I might just use him as a seargent for the pathfinders.

After getting a game in I think I might change up my force a little bit.  I am thinking of adding in a firestorm redoubt to the army or a devilfish or two.  I have done some designs for the firestorm hope I can get some work done on it and show you guys.

Questions? Comments? Pew pew pews?