Friday, November 21, 2014

Alternate Sisters of Battle?

My wife has kidded me about getting her a Sister of Battle army to play.  I always say if they ever make a plastic kit for them I would do it.

While looking at the blogs I came across these: The panzerjagers by Dreamforge games.

I really like these models I think they world do for alternate models for the Sisters of Battle.  The appear to be part of some kick starter that is over with so I doubt I will be able to get them anytime soon or ever. They say they are compatible with their other range so maybe once the kickstarter is fullfilled.

I am concerned that the guns are not the usual GW fair so it might cause confusion on the table top for my opponent so I might just swap out the guns with bolter if is it not to much trouble. With the sisters being in the new Leviathan campaign book maybe they will bring out a plastic kit.  People have been waiting for that for many years so I won't hold my breath.

If they become available I might get a pack and test them out.

Have a good weekend!

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