Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Plans for the firestorm Redoubt

So last post I talked about how I wanted to make a firestorm redoubt for my Tau. While I could get the actual set and use it I think that it would look better if it was more of a Tau feel. First of all I have to have an idea to start with.

first here is the model I am going to try to recreate.
so my plan looks like this (please forgive my paint art):

I plan on using cones for the 2 towers
a foam block with a slit cut out for the fireport
and then some rings to make the battlements.
After the form is completed I will spackle the form to give it a smooth texture.  I plan on adding some icons and doors from the devilfish to bring it all together.

For the guns I plan on using  Wargamma guns.
they are supposed to be a quadgun for tau but I think they look more like lasers. A quad gun for tau should be some missile pods since they are the same profile as the autocannon.

Once I get some stuff together I will show you my progress if anything I can go back and get the imperial one. Until next time...

Questions? Comments? Pew pew pews?