Friday, August 31, 2018

Showcase: Tank Bustas

I finally finished working on my tank bustas. I now have ten bustas and a nob.
I made these from a left over box of boys. I figured they would be cheaper than getting 2 orders of the Games Workshop ones and I could do a little customizing while I was at it.

I decided that since red ones go fasta and we want our rokkits to go fasta,  I painted them all red. This also ties  them all together. 

With this guy I was thinking rokkit fists. I like the way he turned out. This model counts as rokkit pistols.

Here is another rokkit pistol guy with a couple of rokkit boys.

Finally we have the nob with power klaw. Carrying a couple of stikbooms for good measure.

Sorry for the short post. I am doing this in the airport on my phone. Hope you all have a great weekend and I will catch up with you next week with some witch elves.

Comments? Questions? Dakka dakka dakkas!