Thursday, August 30, 2018

Nova Open Preview: ORKS!!!!

While I have been talking on twitter and Facebook about the new ork models, I have been pretty quiet here on the blog.  With the big update from Nova Open,  I feel I can now weigh in on all the info we have right now.

First things first,  I need to say this is all speculation on what we have seen.  I am not lucky enough to be one of these outlets for games workshop to leak information or playtest.  I am sure I will get things wrong.

Second I love these models.  I want every one of them. I am getting a Speed Freaks box and the warboss on bike.  They are lovely ork models and I don't care how good they are on the battlefield.  I will own them. That being said....

I am concerned that the buggies are going to be underwhelming on the battlefield.  I hope they prove me wrong and they turn out to be kick ass but if they are just fancy replacements for the war buggies, they are needed but they will not be game changing. I am okay with this.  I will have something else to run along side my grot tanks and have a good time.  Maybe they will be as good as a grot tank. If that is the case then I will be ecstatic.

Having an official non Forge World biker boss is awesome.  I think the model is pretty sweet as well. I am looking forward to the rules that come with this guy.  They said in the preview that he allows you to take a whole army of vehicles.  This might mean that he makes warbikers troops or maybe they will have a formation without troops.  I am eager to find out more.

They also said that the stratagem of dakka dakka dakka(DDD) is will become a universal rule.  While I never used the stratagem I am happy to see it applied army wide.  Let's face it, the orks need some serious help in the shooting department.  The fact that it cost command points to do DDD it was never worth it but now I welcome it.  With some units getting -1 and then moving with heavy weapons or assault weapon the ork gun was becoming useless.  At least now we always hit on a 6. The extra roll for doing it is just icing on the cake.

I am starting to get hyped the more I see.  I have seen codex leaks but I don't take stock in them until an official GW stamp is put on them. No matter what there is going to be a Waaaaaagh coming out of the middle of the country!

Qeustions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas!