Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Bazaar Shopping spree

So this weekend was my Friendly Local Game Store Bazaar event.  I came home with some good deals and rare finds.

Fist of all some people out there are asking what is a bazaar.  While I have been to a few, the one at my game shop is a weekend where people can bring in anything hobby related and the store will sell it for you.  If it sells you get store credit.  If not you get it back.  The store is happy since people pay the store for your items (free inventory) and gives out store credit (which might be used)  While you are there you can pick up anything you didn't find in the bazaar.  It is a win/win/win.

I had several items in the bazaar and not sure how well I did but I also when shopping.  I was hoping to find a few choice models (gorkanaught, primaris dread, another repulsor, carnifex).  While I didn't find most of these I did find some good deals of some needed models.


 I did end up with one carnifex.  While it is in the old sniperfex load out (no longer legal) it was severely discounted.  I can work with it and fix it up to be another carnifex for the brood.  Great find.

Ripper swarms

I have never had a bunch of these little guys but now I have 9 more of the little boogers.  They are a cheep troop if I ever want a big monster list.    These guys are not sold on their own right now.  Even forge world discontinued them.  While I wasn't looking for them they are a great addition to the hive.


Right now I have a few meganobs.  I love to run them in my ork armies.  The cost of the kit scared me away from having more so I settled for my six.  Then I cam across these guys.

These three will bring me up to 9 nobs.  That will be a scary bunch to run from.  They are metal so they are going to need a little more love but for the price I paid it was well worth it.

Onager Dunecrawler

When I finally get to my primaris dread I plan on putting him on some dune crawler legs to tie him into my chapter.  I have been looking for a dunecrawler to cannibalize but could never find one cheap enough.

Well I have found it.  This was a good find.  It was missing it big cannon but for the price of the leg alone I am thrilled.  I might turn the top into a ork buggy or a GSC sentinel. Now I just need the dread kit.  Maybe I can snag a cheap one out of the tooth and claw boxset.

Deff Dread

My next find was a deff dread. He was missing a base but that is ok.  I will need to fix the exhaust if I decide to keep it or I might just part it out for my warboss conversion I am planning this Dreadtober.  I am slowly gathering pieces for it and I am eying the legs .  I am just not sure if they are what I am looking for.  If not,  I can add it to my Kan Kollection and have a big waaaaahhhhs of dread/cans.

Hive Tyrant

The piece of resistance of my haul is an old third edition (I think) hive tyrant still sealed in box.  Ever since I have been going to conventions I have been looking for one of these intact.  They always were missing an arm or back and all were 20 - 30 dollars.  While this guy was a bit pricey compared to all the other pieces he was still cheaper than a tyrant kit by half and he is sure to have all his pieces.

I am not sure how I am going to build him but he will take his place of honor with the Forge World tyrant and special leader of the hive.

That is all I got.  I found a few other gems but nothing really spoke to me like these guys did.  I saw some stormcast but I don't have that army so I decided to pass.  If I saw an overlord army or just a few figures or a boat at a reasonable price I might have been tempted but alas no dwarves were to be found.  I am very happy with my haul and it barely went over my monthly budget.  Not bad at all.  Now to get back to my workload so I can start on some of these guys.

Questions? Comments? Bargains bargains bargains!