Monday, August 20, 2018

On My Table

I thought since I have been a little short on posts lately I would try to give an update on the items that I am currently working on.

Ork Tank Bustas

I am currently working on a squad of tank bustas.  I have gotten several of the primary colors down but my dark brown was all dried up so I needed to get another one.

I still have the teeth, eyes and hoses to finish up before going into the highlights and washes.  It has been slow but there is progress. Next I need to make up my bomb squigs.  I have the models but I need to bomb them up.

Witch Elves

I had some extra time after discovering my brown paint delemia, so I decided to start painting some witch elves.  I have five built but only three at my station.  My next step will be to build five more so I can field a full squad.  After that another ten for good measure.  First I have to do five.  Baby steps.

Genestealer cult Primas

I have a second primas I picked up a while back.  I am sad that they don't have a few more poses. I hate having mono pose characters.

Right now he is primed and waiting for paint.  he should be relatively quick.

These projects are what I am working on this week.  Hopefuly I can knock them out and focus on other projects.  Still on the queue are necron flayed ones, armiger, necron immortals.  I also got a bunch of new stuff from the bazaar but that is for another post.

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakas!