Friday, August 17, 2018

State of my Primaris Marines

After placing all the decals, I thought I would give a quick update on all full primaris army.  It still has a way to go before I call it done but here is what I have so far.


Right now I have 10 intercessors painted and ready for battle.  I only have one sergeant so it is techically only one squad.  I have another 10 intercessors built and getting painted along with three more sgt.  This way I can field 2 full 10 man squads or 4 5 man squads.  I plan on building aonther 10 when the second squad is painted.


I have 9 regular hellblasters painted with 2 Sgt. This way I can do a full 10 man or two five man squads. Right now I don't have any more plans for this unit type.


I love this model.  I only have three kitted out with bolters and missiles.  I might eventually try the flamer variant.


I have 6 inceptors.  One is a Sgt.  I decide that I would take a full squad of these guys if I ever wanted more than 3 models.  I plan on getting a few plasma variants down the road but not any time soon.


At this time I have 2 captains and 2 lietenants.  I have 2 more lietenants and an ancient to finish.  I am tempted to grab a psycker or a chaplain eventually.


Right now I have just the one repulsor.  I plan on getting another one.  I think 2 of these would be scary on the battlefield.


Right now I have six reivers.  I have three more to paint.  I plan on getting at least one more so I can have a full 10 man squad.  Maybe 2 more since then I can do 2 five man squads with 2 Sgt.


Here are all the models I have build but haven't finished painting.  There is still a lot to paint but it is shrinking.  I think a decent goal for this year would be to finish these guys up.  There is also the fire raptor.  I have not forgotten it but am in a holding pattern on the motivation to finish it.

That is my Cawl's Hammer. I am really happy on how they look.  I am eager to try them out on the table sometime.  With all the decals done I can move on to other projects.   I think next will be my orks followed by some witch elves.  Stay tuned

Questions? Comment? Cawl's will be done!