Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Hobby Challenge August - Technical August

Hi everyone,

Blockade and Grenndal here. Blockade found a challenge while wandering the internet from our fellow hobbyist Azazel - The August Technical Painting Challenge. We're both going to be working on improving part of our technical skills. Here's the example list taken from his site.

Technical Skill Examples
  • using washes or drybrushing
  • freehand designs – icons, tattoos, embroidery, animal hide and fur patterns
  • glazing
  • working with metallics
  • using those colour shift paints that GreenStuffWorld released
  • heat effects – “internal flame” glow, metal heat discolouration, etc
  • magical/spell/energy effects, plasma glow…
  • airbrushing
  • using the gemstone paints or any other of the newish lines of technical or clear or transparent paints from Citadel, Vallejo, Army Painter, etc – from clear red to rust.
  • freehanding gems or lenses
  • OSL (object source lighting)
  • blending
  • wet blending
  • creating or painting standards and banners
  • wire work – aerials or replacing weapon shafts or…
  • zenithal highlighting
  • scratch-building
  • using clump foliage
  • water effects
  • making trees or other foliage
  • using decals
  • modelling using clear resin
  • achieving patinas
  • weathering effects, including weathering powders
  • edge highlighting
  • vehicle weathering
  • basing techniques
So what will we be focusing on?

Blockade - I want to focus on weathering using pigments, drybrushing, and heat damage effects. Because I have a chunk of neglected vehicles that are either half painted or barely primed, I plan to practice on them. So the goal will be, by the end of August, for me to be able to show off a newly weathered vehicle (or three), using weathering powders and such.

Oh Poor Neglected Artillery Pieces

Grenndal - I plan on working on adding some decals to my space marines.  I have a whole army of primaris marines that I wanted to add decals to but I have been to scared to even try it. By the end of the month, I would like all of my marines to have the shoulder icon placed.  from what I have seen it doesn't look to hard.  I just need to take a leap.

Look at than naked shoulder pad! So sad!

So stay tuned to the blog for updates and maybe some tutorials.

Blockade Out! Nom nom nom!