Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tales of X Gamers: Primaris Captain

While working on the Hellblasters, I also worked on a Primaris Captain. Here are his "Completed" shots.
This guy has a lot of details to pick out.  Since he is an HQ I decided to add an extra step while painting him so on the bronze details I also did a litght dry brush of gold.  This gives the model a little more depth.

I love this guys bolter gauntlet.  It reminds me of Calgar's gauntlet.

I tried something a little different on the yellow hoses this time.  I used a base coat of Rakarth Flesh before adding the yellow. This made the coating of the hose much easier.

I have not looked to see the rules for this guy.  I would assume he is in some kind of heavy armor with an iron halo. I hope his gun is not just a storm bolter.

I still have the normal base and decals to finish.  I also have his power sword as well. I will finish these up once I find the tools I need for them.  Until then he is completed.