Monday, November 20, 2017

Tales Of X Gamers: Hellblasters

Last week I finished up my HellBlasters.  These guys should bring some needed AP and damage to the table.

Instead of the Fenrisian Grey for the plasma highlight I used White Scar. I think it gave it a little more pop than the grey.  This will help to draw the eye to the guy so they don't look like more intercessors.

I am going to have to find the micro sol and mirco set so I can add the decals. I would love to be able to make my own decals but I tried a few time and just couldn't get the printer to work.  I am going to fall back on the basic add mech symbol.  It will get my point across.

Instead of line highlighting the guns, I used a drybrush to bring out the details. I think it looks good.

I think that after Thanksgiving I will have some time to finish basing these guys and hopefully get the decals on. Then, they will be truly finished.

Questions? Comments? Cawl's will be done?