Friday, November 10, 2017

Tale of X Gamer: Primaris Intercessors Sqaud

This week I took a hour here, an hour there and finished up my first squad of Primaris Intercessors.  I am happy on how they turned out.

I decided to continue the purple by giving the Seargent a purple helmet.  This way he is easy to pick out and the purple gets another tie in.

I need to try to find my ad mech decals for the shoulders of these guys. I also want to add some squad marking so I can tell each squad apart.  I am looking at the decals and I am not sure which I should use.

I am digging this color scheme.  It is relatively easy to do and it looks okay on the table top.

With these I have one part of my first month finished.  I figured the normal box is usually a HQ, a heavy or an elite, and a troop squad.  I plan on painting up the hellblasters and Captain to meet my requirement for the league and throw in the interceptors for good measure.

The second month is supposed to be an elite so I can paint up the ancient or  get a squad of Reivers. since the ancient is a lone model, I will probably do both. If I get those done this month, heh,  I can then go back and do the second squad and lieutenants. The third month is fast attack which I can add a second squad of Interceptors.  I am hoping to find some of the plasma arms for these so I can have a squad of each. But there is no rush on those since they are December's pledge. If I can't find a set of arms for a reasonable price I will just go with the heavy bolters.

If I have any spare time I can work on the other box so I can build up my squads to 10 man squads.  It would be nice if by my birthday they were all painted but I am not holding my breath.

Questions? Comments? Cawl's will be done?