Friday, November 10, 2017


One of my friends wanted to know how I did my casting.  Before I get into my process I just have a disclaimer that this is not the best way but it is a way that I can get to work.  For some reason resin just doesn't like me.  That being said, lets get started shall we?

First thing you need is an object you want to reproduce.this time it is a primaris helmet since I hate bare headed models in armor.

I start by either gluing or sticking the objects to the bottom of a microwave safe container.  This time I used a bit of the blue half of green stuff.

The molding material I use is called Composi Mold. I like this stuff because you can reuse it and doesn't require mixing.  You just cut off a piece and heat it up in the microwave and pour it on your object.

I let it cool for a few hour before moving to the next step.

After it cools I take it out of the container and  remove the objects.  The mold will stretch a little but try not to rip it.

I then mix a bit of green stuff.  I try to make sure I have enough to fill what I am copying and with some left over.

I then keep pressing in green stuff until it fills the void.  The mold is semi-transparent so I keel trying to look to see if the void is filled. Then you wait for a day to let the green stuff cure.

While the result is not perfect my copy is good enough to use.

If you don't fill the void completely you get something like this.

That is the quick and dirty on my molding process.  I did this for the rockets for my tank bustas. It takes a couple of days but it is easy and does a decent job.

I hope this Helps AJ.

Questions? Comments? Hobby times?